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The Computational Memory Lab is currently hiring for full-time salaried (exempt, monthly paid) research positions.

Please see below for descriptions, qualifications, and links to the Penn HR recruiting site. Click here for information on Penn's salary structure.

Please email Patrick Crutchley with questions or for more information.

IT Senior Project Leader

The Computational Memory Lab is hiring a Senior Scientific Programmer to lead the development of software tools and computational resources needed to develop a novel brain stimulation therapy for patients with memory impairment. This groundbreaking neuro-engineering project is part of President Obama’s BRAIN Initiative.

The Penn press release on the project may be found here.

A New York Times article on our lab, our work with epilepsy patients, and this project can be found here.

The selected applicant will lead the development of technical computing software, experimental programming libraries, cluster computing, and data transfer protocols. He/she will interface with senior research staff at multiple institutions and lead the development of a real-time system for closed-loop brain recording and stimulation. He/she will also lead development and maintenance the system for transfer of experimental data from clinical sites to a centralized server, and will maintain the centralized server resources: computing cluster, storage server, databases. Finally, he/she will manage maintenance site testing hardware, including system and experiment updates, and provide technical support to all sites on testing hardware and software.

Posted salary grade: E (IT table)

No positions are currently posted.