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e-mail: [mailto:kahana@psych.upenn.edu kahana@psych.upenn.edu]
e-mail: [mailto:kahana@psych.upenn.edu kahana@psych.upenn.edu]
[http://memory.psych.upenn.edu/files/misc/KahanaCV.pdf Curriculum Vitae (PDF)]
[[Media:KahanaCV.pdf|Curriculum Vitae (PDF)]]
== Personal History ==
== Personal History ==

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Department of Psychology
University of Pennsylvania

Director, Computational Memory Lab

e-mail: kahana@psych.upenn.edu

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

[edit] Personal History

Born May 7, 1969, St Louis, MO.

Married to Jessica Wachter.

[edit] Employment

  • 2004-present, University of Pennsylvania, Professor.
  • 2000-2004, Brandeis University, Associate Professor.
  • 1994-2000, Brandeis University, Assistant Professor.

[edit] Education

  • 1989, Case Western Reserve University, B.A.
  • 1993, University of Toronto, Ph.D.
  • 1994, Harvard University, Postdoctoral Fellow

[edit] Research Interests

Human memory and its neural mechanisms: especially episodic memory, spatial memory, and recognition memory.

For more information, please see the Computational Memory Lab's research overview here.

[edit] Monograph

Fhm cover.png

Foundations of Human Memory, 2012

Click here for more information.

[edit] Publications

Click here for a complete list of peer-reviewed publications.

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