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RAM Phase I Data

The following data from Phase I of the RAM project are available for download:

  • Demographic information (age, gender, race/ethnicity, handedness)
  • Individual electrode contact atlas location and coordinates for localization
  • Freesurfer (.pial, .piah) files
  • Seizure onset zone, interictal spiking, and bad lead information
  • Experiment design documents
  • Session notes, behavioral event data, and iEEG recording data (split by channel) for the RAM TA1 Phase 1 experiments:
    • FR1/2: Verbal Free Recall
    • CatFR1/2: Categorized Verbal Free Recall
    • PAL1/2: Verbal Paired Associates Learning
    • YC1/2: Yellow Cab Spatial Navigation

Data available for download from Box.com, here: RAM Phase I Data