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  • Noun Pool (<<ExtLink(/files/wordpools/nounpool.txt,text)>>, <<ExtLink(/files/wordpools/nounpool.tgz,sound)>>) - The edited version of the noun pool.
  • Categorized Word Pool (<<ExtLink(/files/wordpools/catwpool.txt,text)>>) - The categorized word pool is taken from Murdock (1976). It has 32 categories with 32 words each.
  • Kucera & Francis Word Pool (<<ExtLink(/files/wordpools/kfpool.txt,text)>>, <<ExtLink(/files/wordpools/kfpool.zip,zip)>>) - This word pool from Kucera & Francis contains word frequency ratings.
  • Toronto Word Pool (<<ExtLink(/files/wordpools/wordpool.txt,text)>>) - The complete Toronto word pool. Contains high frequency nouns, adjectives, and verbs taken from the Thorndike-Lorge (1944) norms. This word pool has been used in hundreds of studies at Toronto and elsewhere.
  • Toronto Noun Pool (<<ExtLink(/files/wordpools/nouns.txt,text)>>) - The Toronto noun pool has ratings of word frequency (Kucera & Francis) and imagery.
  • Toronto Noun Pool subset (<<ExtLink(/files/wordpools/igornouns.txt,text)>>) - Used in the IGOR1 experiment
  • Auditory Toronto Word Pool (<<ExtLink(/files/wordpools/wordpool.zip,zip)>>) - Digitized voice files of all of the words in the Toronto noun pool. The voice files are recorded in .voc format.
  • iEEG Free Recall Noun Pool (<<ExtLink(/files/wordpools/iEEG_FR_nouns.txt,text)>>) - The iEEG Free Recall pool of high frequency nouns used in our clinical iEEG studies.
  • MRC Psycholinguistic Database (link) - Huge searchable database with many more words and norms than the Toronto word pool or even Kucera & Francis.
  • Free Association Norms (link) - The largest database of free association norms ever collected.