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==Volaume I: Foundations==
==Volaume I: Foundations==
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| '''1. Foundations''' ||
| '''1. Foundations''' ||

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Volaume I: Foundations

1. Foundations
    1.1 Critical Concepts in the Study of Learning and Memory Henry L. Roediger III & Oyku Uner, Washington University of St. Louis
    1.2 Laws of Human Memory Michael J. Kahana, Nicholas B. Diamond & Ada Aka, University of Pennsylvania
    1.3 Computational Models of Event Memory Rich Shiffrin & Greg Cox, Indiana University; Vanderbilt University
    1.4 Neural Mechanisms Lila Davachi & Tarek Amer, Columbia University
    1.5 Methods to Study Human Memory Randolph Helfrich, Bob Knight & Mark D’Esposito, University of California, Berkley
2. Forms of Memory
    2.1 Episodic Memory Charan Ranganath, University of California, Davis
    2.2 Generalization & Abstraction: Human Memory as a Magic Library Tim Rogers, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    2.3 Deep Learning: Implications for Human Learning and Memory Jay McClelland & Matt Botvinick, Stanford University; Google DeepMind
1:00 Keynote Address: Morris Moscovitch 12:00 Lunch/Poster Setup
2:00 Break 1:15 Poster Session II