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Current Lab Members


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[[Media:People$Karl.jpg|Karl|Healey|width=225 height=300}}
Karl Healey, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow
[[Media:People$burke.jpg|John|Burke|width=225 height=300}}
John Burke
Neuroscience M.D.-Ph.D. Student
[[Media:People$kylie.jpg|Kylie|Hower|width=225 height=300}}
Kylie Hower
Research Specialist
[[Media:People$ryan.jpg|Ryan|Williams|width=225 height=300}}
Ryan Williams
Research Coordinator
[[Media:People$jonathanEW.jpg|Jonathan|Eskreis-Winkler| height=200}} placeholder|width=150|height=200}}
Jonathan Eskreis-Winkler Kenton Lee
[[Media:People$jeff.jpg|Jeffrey|Greenberg|width=150 height=200}} placeholder|width=150|height=200}}
Jeffrey Greenberg Isaac Pedisich