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</p> <a name="Submitted" />


    <a name="AddiKaha04b" />
  • <p>Addis, K. M. and Kahana, M. J. GLIO: Modeling the dynamics of serial learning. Submitted.
    (<a href="/files/pubs/AddiKaha04b.pdf">pdf</a>)</p>
  • <a name="AgamEtal08" />
  • <p>Agam, Y., Hyun, J.-S., Danker, J., Zhou, F., Kahana, M. J., and Sekuler, R. Early neural signatures of visual short-term memory. Submitted.
    (<a href="/files/pubs/AgamEtal08.pdf">pdf</a>)

    </li> <a name="GalsterEtal08" />
  • Galster, M., Kahana, M. J., Wilson, H. R., and Sekuler, R. Short-term memory for facial identity and emotion. Submitted.
    (<a href="/files/pubs/GalsterEtal08.pdf">pdf</a>)

  • <a name="HowaEtal08b" />
  • Howard, M. W., Sederberg, P. B., and Kahana, M. J. Reply to Farrell & Lewandowsky: Changes in the shape of the lag-CRP predicted by TCM due to recency. Submitted.
    (<a href="/files/pubs/HowaEtal08b.pdf">pdf</a>)

  • <a name="JacoEtal07b" />
  • Jacobs, J., Kahana, M. J., Ekstrom, A. D., Mollison, M. V., and Fried, I. A sense of direction in human entorhinal cortex. Submitted.
    (<a href="/files/pubs/JacoEtal07b.pdf">pdf</a>)

  • <a name="JacoEtal08" />
  • Jacobs, J., Korolev, I. O., Caplan, J. B., Ekstrom, A. D., Litt, B., Baltuch, G., et al. Right-lateralized brain oscillations in human spatial navigation. Submitted.
    (<a href="/files/pubs/JacoEtal08.pdf">pdf</a>)

  • <a name="KahaAdle02" />
  • Kahana, M. J. and Adler, M. Note on the power law of forgetting. Submitted.
    (<a href="/files/pubs/KahaAdle02.pdf">pdf</a>)

  • <a name="KahaEtal08b" />
  • Kahana, M. J., Mollison, M. V., and Addis, K. M. Positional and sequential cues in serial learning. Submitted.
    (<a href="/files/pubs/KahaEtal08b.pdf">pdf</a>, <a href="/files/pubs/">data</a>)

  • <a name="MannEtal08" />
  • Manning, J., Kahana, M. J., and Sekuler, R. An ideal navigator model of human wayfinding: Learning one's way around a new town. Submitted.
    (<a href="/files/pubs/MannEtal08.pdf">pdf</a>)

  • <a name="PolyEtal08" />
  • Polyn, S. M., Norman, K. A., and Kahana, M. J. Episodic and semantic organization during free recall: The control of memory search. Submitted.
    (<a href="/files/pubs/PolyEtal08.pdf">pdf</a>)

  • <a name="PolyEtalTulv" />
  • Polyn, S. M., Norman, K. A., and Kahana, M. J. Task context and organization in free recall.
    (<a href="/files/pubs/PolyEtalTulv.pdf">pdf</a>)

  • <a name="vanVEtal08b" />
  • van Vugt, M. K., Schulze-Bonhage, A., Sekuler, R., Litt, B., Brandt, A., Baltuch, G., et al. Intracranial electroencephalography reveals two distinct two similarity effects during item recognition. Submitted.
    (<a href="/files/pubs/vanVEtal08b.pdf">pdf</a>)

  • <a name="vanVEtal07b" />
  • van Vugt, M. K., Sekuler, R., Wilson, H. R., and Kahana, M. J. Distinct electrophysiological correlates of proactive and similarity-based interference in visual working memory. Submitted.
    (<a href="/files/pubs/vanVEtal07b.pdf">pdf</a>)

  • <a name="VissEtal08" />
  • Visscher, K. M., Kahana, M. J., and Sekuler, R. Trial-to-trial carry-over of item- and relational-information in auditory short-term memory. Submitted.
    (<a href="/files/pubs/VissEtal08.pdf">pdf</a>)

  • <a name="WeidEtal08b" />
  • Weidemann, C. T., Mollison, M. V., and Kahana, M. J. Electrophysiological correlates of high-level perception during spatial navigation. Submitted.
    (<a href="/files/pubs/WeidEtal08b.pdf">pdf</a>)

  • </ul></p>

    <a name="In Press" />

    In Press

      <a name="DankEtal08" />
    • <p>Danker, J., Hwang-Grodzins, G., Gauthier, L., Geller, A. S., Kahana, M. J., and Sekuler, R. Characterizing the ERP Old-New effect in a short-term memory task. Psychophysiology.
      (<a href="/files/pubs/DankEtal08.pdf">pdf</a>)</p>
    • <a name="PantEtal08" />
    • <p>Pantelis, P. C., van Vugt, M. K., Sekuler, R., Wilson, H. R., and Kahana, M. J. Why are some people's names easier to learn than others? The effects of similarity on memory for face-name associations. Memory & Cognition.
      (<a href="/files/pubs/PantEtal08.pdf">pdf</a>, <a href="/files/pubs/">data</a>)

      </li> <a name="SerruyaKahana08" />
    • Serruya, M. D. and Kahana, M. J. Techniques and devices to restore cognition. Behavioural Brain Research.
      (<a href="/files/pubs/SerruyaKahana08.pdf">pdf</a>)

    • </ul></p>

      <a name="2008" />


        <a name="DaviEtal08" />
      • <p>Davis, O. C., Geller, A. S., Rizzuto, D. S., and Kahana, M. J. (2008). Temporal associative processes revealed by intrusions in paired-associate recall. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 15(1), 64-69.
        (<a href="/files/pubs/DaviEtal08.pdf">pdf</a>)</p>
      • <a name="GoloEtal08" />
      • <p>Golomb, J. D., Peelle, J. E., Addis, K. M., Kahana, M. J., and Wingfield, A. (2008). Effects of adult aging on utilization of temporal and semantic associations during free and serial recall. Memory & Cognition, 36(5), 947–956.
        (<a href="/files/pubs/GoloEtal08.pdf">pdf</a>, <a href="/files/pubs/">data</a>)

        </li> <a name="KahaEtal08" />
      • Kahana, M. J., Howard, M. W., and Polyn, S. M. (2008). Associative retrieval processes in episodic memory. In H. L. Roediger III (Ed.), cognitive psychology of memory. Vol. 2 of Learning and memory: A comprehensive reference, 4 vols. (J. Byrne, Editor). Oxford: Elsevier.
        (<a href="/files/pubs/KahaEtal08.pdf">pdf</a>)

      • <a name="PolyKaha08" />
      • Polyn, S. M. and Kahana, M. J. (2008). Memory search and the neural representation of context. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 12, 24–30.
        (<a href="/files/pubs/PolyKaha08.pdf">pdf</a>)

      • <a name="SekuKaha08" />
      • Sekuler, R. and Kahana, M. J. (2008). A stimulus-oriented approach to memory. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 16, 305–310.
        (<a href="/files/pubs/SekuKaha08.pdf">pdf</a>)

      • <a name="YotsEtal08" />
      • Yotsumoto, Y., McLaughlin, C., Kahana, M. J., and Sekuler, R. (2008). Item and source recognition in episodic memory for visual textures. Memory & Cognition, 36, 282-294.
        (<a href="/files/pubs/YotsEtal08.pdf">pdf</a>)

      • </ul></p>

        <a name="2007" />


          <a name="EkstEtal07" />
        • <p>Ekstrom, A. D., Viskontas, I., Kahana, M. J., Jacobs, J., Upchurch, K., Bookheimer, S., et al. (2007). Contrasting roles of neural firing rate and local field potentials in human memory. Hippocampus, 17(8), 606–17.
          (<a href="/files/pubs/EkstEtal07.pdf">pdf</a>)</p>
        • <a name="GellEtal07" />
        • <p>Geller, A. S., Schleifer, I. K., Sederberg, P. B., Jacobs, J., and Kahana, M. J. (2007). PyEPL: A cross-platform experiment-programming library. Behavior Research Methods, 39(4).
          (<a href="/files/pubs/GellEtal07.pdf">pdf</a>)

          </li> <a name="HowaEtal07c" />
        • Howard, M. W., Addis, K. A., Jing, B., and Kahana, M. J. (2007). Handbook of latent semantic analysis. In T. K. Landauer, D. S. McNamara, S. Dennis, and W. Kintsch (Eds.), LSA: A road towards meaning (pp. 121–141). Mahwah, NJ: Laurence Erlbaum and Associates.
          (<a href="/files/pubs/HowaEtal07c.pdf">pdf</a>)

        • <a name="HowaEtal07" />
        • Howard, M. W., Vankatadass, V., Norman, K. A., and Kahana, M. J. (2007). Associative processes in immediate recency. Memory & Cognition, 35(7), 1700–1711.
          (<a href="/files/pubs/HowaEtal07.pdf">pdf</a>)

        • <a name="JacoEtal07" />
        • Jacobs, J., Kahana, M. J., Ekstrom, A. D., and Fried, I. (2007). Brain oscillations control timing of single-neuron activity in humans. The Journal of Neuroscience, 27(14), 3839–3844.
          (<a href="/files/pubs/JacoEtal07.pdf">pdf</a>)

        • <a name="KahaEtal07" />
        • Kahana, M. J., Zhou, F., Geller, A. S., and Sekuler, R. (2007). Lure-similarity affects visual episodic recognition: Detailed tests of a noisy examplar model. Memory & Cognition, 35, 1222–1232.
          (<a href="/files/pubs/KahaEtal07.pdf">pdf</a>)

        • <a name="KimbEtal07" />
        • Kimball, D. R., Smith, T. A., and Kahana, M. J. (2007). The fSAM model of false recall. Psychological Review, 114(4), 954–93.
          (<a href="/files/pubs/KimbEtal07.pdf">pdf</a>)

        • <a name="MonaEtal07" />
        • Monaco, J. D., Abbott, L. F., and Kahana, M. J. (2007). Lexico-semantic structure and the word-frequency effect in recognition memory. Learning and Memory, 14(2), 204–13.
          (<a href="/files/pubs/MonaEtal07.pdf">pdf</a>)

        • <a name="NewmEtal07" />
        • Newman, E. L., Caplan, J. B., Kirschen, M. P., Korolev, I. O., Sekuler, R., and Kahana, M. J. (2007). Learning your way around town: How virtual taxicab drivers learn to use both layout and landmark information. Cognition, 104(2), 231–253.
          (<a href="/files/pubs/NewmEtal07.pdf">pdf</a>, <a href="/files/pubs/">data</a>)

        • <a name="SedeEtal07b" />
        • Sederberg, P. B., Schulze-Bonhage, A., Madsen, J. R., Bromfield, E. B., Litt, B., Brandt, A., et al. (2007). Gamma oscillations distinguish true from false memories. Psychological Science, 18(11), 927–932.
          (<a href="/files/pubs/SedeEtal07b.pdf">pdf</a>, <a href="/files/pubs/SedeEtal07b.Supplemental.pdf">supplemental</a>)

        • <a name="SedeEtal07a" />
        • Sederberg, P. B., Schulze-Bonhage, A., Madsen, J. R., Bromfield, E. B., McCarthy, D. C., Brandt, A., et al. (2007). Hippocampal and neocortical gamma oscillations predict memory formation in humans. Cerebral Cortex, 17(5), 1190–1196.
          (<a href="/files/pubs/SedeEtal07a.pdf">pdf</a>)

        • <a name="vanVEtal07a" />
        • van Vugt, M. K., Sederberg, P. B., and Kahana, M. J. (2007). Comparison of spectral analysis methods for characterizing brain oscillations. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 162(1-2), 49–63.
          (<a href="/files/pubs/vanVEtal07a.pdf">pdf</a>)

        • <a name="VissEtal07" />
        • Visscher, K. M., Kaplan, E., Kahana, M. J., and Sekuler, R. (2007). Auditory short-term memory behaves like visual short-term memory. PLoS Biology, 5(3).
          (<a href="/files/pubs/VissEtal07.pdf">pdf</a>)

        • <a name="YotsEtal07" />
        • Yotsumoto, Y., Kahana, M. J., Wilson, H. R., and Sekuler, R. (2007). Recognition memory for realistic synthetic faces. Memory & Cognition, 35(6), 1233-1244.
          (<a href="/files/pubs/YotsEtal07.pdf">pdf</a>)

        • </ul></p>

          <a name="2006" />


            <a name="HowaEtal06d" />
          • <p>Howard, M. W., Kahana, M. J., and Wingfield, A. (2006). Aging and contextual binding: Modeling recency and lag-recency effects with the temporal context model. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 13(3), 439–445.
            (<a href="/files/pubs/HowaEtal06d.pdf">pdf</a>)</p>
          • <a name="JacoEtal06" />
          • <p>Jacobs, J., Hwang, G., Curran, T., and Kahana, M. J. (2006). EEG oscillations and recognition memory: Theta correlates of memory retrieval and decision making. NeuroImage, 15(2), 978–87.
            (<a href="/files/pubs/JacoEtal06.pdf">pdf</a>)

            </li> <a name="Kaha06" />
          • Kahana, M. J. (2006). The cognitive correlates of human brain oscillations. Journal of Neuroscience, 26(6), 1669–1672.
            (<a href="/files/pubs/Kaha06.pdf">pdf</a>)

          • <a name="RaghEtal06" />
          • Raghavachari, S., Lisman, J. E., Tully, M., Madsen, J. R., Bromfield, E. B., and Kahana, M. J. (2006). Theta oscillations in human cortex during a working memory task: Evidence for local generators. Journal of Neurophysiology, 95(3), 1630–1638.
            (<a href="/files/pubs/RaghEtal06.pdf">pdf</a>)

          • <a name="RizzEtal06" />
          • Rizzuto, D. S., Madsen, J. R., Bromfield, E. B., Schulze-Bonhage, A., and Kahana, M. J. (2006). Human neocortical oscillations exhibit theta phase differences between encoding and retrieval. NeuroImage, 31(3), 1352–1358.
            (<a href="/files/pubs/RizzEtal06.pdf">pdf</a>)

          • <a name="SedeEtal06" />
          • Sederberg, P. B., Gauthier, L. V., Terushkin, V., Miller, J. F., Barnathan, J. A., and Kahana, M. J. (2006). Oscillatory correlates of the primacy effect in episodic memory. NeuroImage, 32(3), 1422–1431.
            (<a href="/files/pubs/SedeEtal06.pdf">pdf</a>)

          • <a name="SekuEtal06" />
          • Sekuler, R., McLaughlin, C., Kahana, M. J., Wingfield, A., and Yotsumoto, Y. (2006). Short-term visual recognition and temporal order information are both well-preserved in aging. Psychology and Aging, 21(3), 632–637.
            (<a href="/files/pubs/SekuEtal06.pdf">pdf</a>)

          • <a name="ZaroEtal06" />
          • Zaromb, F. M., Howard, M. W., Dolan, E. D., Sirotin, Y. B., Tully, M., Wingfield, A., et al. (2006). Temporal associations and prior-list intrusions in free recall. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 32(4), 792–804.
            (<a href="/files/pubs/ZaroEtal06.pdf">pdf</a>, <a href="/files/pubs/">data</a>)

          • </ul></p>

            <a name="2005" />


              <a name="Capl05" />
            • <p>Caplan, J. B. (2005). Associative isolation: Unifying associative and list memory. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 49, 383–402.
              (<a href="/files/pubs/Capl05.pdf">pdf</a>)</p>
            • <a name="EkstEtal05" />
            • <p>Ekstrom, A. D., Caplan, J., Ho, E., Shattuck, K., Fried, I., and Kahana, M. (2005). Human hippocampal theta activity during virtual navigation. Hippocampus, 15, 881–889.
              (<a href="/files/pubs/EkstEtal05.pdf">pdf</a>)

              </li> <a name="HwanEtal05" />
            • Hwang, G., Jacobs, J., Geller, A., Danker, J., Sekuler, R., and Kahana, M. J. (2005). EEG correlates of verbal and nonverbal working memory. Behavioral and Brain Functions, 1, 20.
              (<a href="/files/pubs/HwanEtal05.pdf">pdf</a>)

            • <a name="KahaEtal05" />
            • Kahana, M. J., Dolan, E. D., Sauder, C. L., and Wingfield, A. (2005). Intrusions in episodic recall: Age differences in editing of overt responses. Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences, 60, 92–97.
              (<a href="/files/pubs/KahaEtal05.pdf">pdf</a>)

            • <a name="KahaHowa05" />
            • Kahana, M. J. and Howard, M. W. (2005). Spacing and lag effects in free recall of pure lists. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 12, 159-164.
              (<a href="/files/pubs/KahaHowa05.pdf">pdf</a>)

            • <a name="KahaEtal05b" />
            • Kahana, M. J., Rizzuto, D. S., and Schneider, A. (2005). Theoretical correlations and measured correlations: Relating recognition and recall in four distributed memory models. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 31, 933-953.
              (<a href="/files/pubs/KahaEtal05b.pdf">pdf</a>)

            • <a name="KleiEtal05" />
            • Klein, K. A., Addis, K. M., and Kahana, M. J. (2005). A comparative analysis of serial and free recall. Memory & Cognition, 33, 833-839.
              (<a href="/files/pubs/KleiEtal05.pdf">pdf</a>)

            • <a name="SchwEtal05" />
            • Schwartz, G., Howard, M. W., Jing, B., and Kahana, M. J. (2005). Shadows of the past: Temporal retrieval effects in recognition memory. Psychological Science, 16, 898-904.
              (<a href="/files/pubs/SchwEtal05.pdf">pdf</a>)

            • <a name="SekuEtal05" />
            • Sekuler, R., Kahana, M. J., McLaughlin, C., Golomb, J. D., and Wingfield, A. (2005). Preservation of episodic visual recognition memory in aging. Experimental Aging Research, 31, 1–13.
              (<a href="/files/pubs/SekuEtal05.pdf">pdf</a>)

            • <a name="SiroEtal05" />
            • Sirotin, Y. B., Kimball, D. R., and Kahana, M. J. (2005). Going beyond a single list: Modeling the effects of prior experience on episodic free recall. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 12(5), 787-805.
              (<a href="/files/pubs/SiroEtal05.pdf">pdf</a>)

            • </ul></p>

              <a name="2004" />


                <a name="AddiKaha04" />
              • <p>Addis, K. M. and Kahana, M. J. (2004). Decomposing serial learning:what is missing from the learning curve? Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 11, 118-124.
                (<a href="/files/pubs/AddiKaha04.pdf">pdf</a>)</p>
              • <a name="ZhouEtal04" />
              • <p>Zhou, F., Kahana, M. J., and Sekuler, R. (2004). Short-term episodic memory for visual textures: A roving probe gathers some memory. Psychological Science, 15, 112-118.
                (<a href="/files/pubs/ZhouEtal04.pdf">pdf</a>)



                <a name="2003 and Earlier" />

                2003 and Earlier

                  <a name="CantEtal03" />
                • <p>Cantero, J. L., Atienza, M., Stickgold, R., Kahana, M. J., Madsen, J. R., and Kocsis, B. (2003). Sleep-dependent theta oscillations in the human hippocampus and neocortex. Journal of Neuroscience, 23(34), 10897–10903.
                  (<a href="/files/pubs/CantEtal03.pdf">pdf</a>)</p>
                • <a name="CaplEtal03" />
                • <p>Caplan, J. B., Madsen, J. R., Schulze-Bonhage, A., Aschenbrenner-Scheibe, R., Newman, E. L., and Kahana, M. J. (2003). Human theta oscillations related to sensorimotor integration and spatial learning. Journal of Neuroscience, 23, 4726–4736.
                  (<a href="/files/pubs/CaplEtal03.pdf">pdf</a>)

                  </li> <a name="EkstEtal03" />
                • Ekstrom, A. D., Kahana, M. J., Caplan, J. B., Fields, T. A., Isham, E. A., Newman, E. L., et al. (2003). Cellular networks underlying human spatial navigation. Nature, 425, 184–187.
                  (<a href="/files/pubs/EkstEtal03.pdf">pdf</a>)

                • <a name="HowaEtal03" />
                • Howard, M. W., Rizzuto, D. S., Caplan, J. C., Madsen, J. R., Lisman, J., Aschenbrenner-Scheibe, R., et al. (2003). Gamma oscillations correlate with working memory load in humans. Cerebral Cortex, 13, 1369–1374.
                  (<a href="/files/pubs/HowaEtal03.pdf">pdf</a>)

                • <a name="RizzEtal03" />
                • Rizzuto, D. S., Madsen, J. R., Bromfield, E. B., Schulze-Bonhage, A., Seelig, D., Aschenbrenner-Scheibe, R., et al. (2003). Reset of human neocortical oscillations during a working memory task. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 100, 7931–7936.
                  (<a href="/files/pubs/RizzEtal03.pdf">pdf</a>)

                • <a name="SedeEtal03" />
                • Sederberg, P. B., Kahana, M. J., Howard, M. W., Donner, E. J., and Madsen, J. R. (2003). Theta and gamma oscillations during encoding predict subsequent recall. Journal of Neuroscience, 23(34), 10809–10814.
                  (<a href="/files/pubs/SedeEtal03.pdf">pdf</a>)

                • <a name="HowaKaha02" />
                • Howard, M. W. and Kahana, M. J. (2002a). A distributed representation of temporal context. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 46, 269-299.
                  (<a href="/files/pubs/HowaKaha02.pdf">pdf</a>)

                • <a name="HowaKaha02b" />
                • Howard, M. W. and Kahana, M. J. (2002b). When does semantic similarity help episodic retrieval? Journal of Memory and Language, 46, 85–98.
                  (<a href="/files/pubs/HowaKaha02b.pdf">pdf</a>)

                • <a name="Kaha02" />
                • Kahana, M. J. (2002). Associative symmetry and memory theory. Memory & Cognition, 30, 823–840.
                  (<a href="/files/pubs/Kaha02.pdf">pdf</a>, <a href="/files/pubs/">data</a>)

                • <a name="KahaCapl02" />
                • Kahana, M. J. and Caplan, J. B. (2002). Associative asymmetry in probed recall of serial lists. Memory & Cognition, 30, 841-849.
                  (<a href="/files/pubs/KahaCapl02.pdf">pdf</a>, <a href="/files/pubs/">data</a>)

                • <a name="KahaEtal02" />
                • Kahana, M. J., Howard, M. W., Zaromb, F., and Wingfield, A. (2002). Age dissociates recency and lag recency effects in free recall. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 28, 530–540.
                  (<a href="/files/pubs/KahaEtal02.pdf">pdf</a>, <a href="/files/pubs/">data</a>)

                • <a name="KahaSeku02" />
                • Kahana, M. J. and Sekuler, R. (2002). Recognizing spatial patterns: A noisy exemplar approach. Vision Research, 42, 2177-2192.
                  (<a href="/files/pubs/KahaSeku02.pdf">pdf</a>)

                • <a name="WingKaha02" />
                • Wingfield, A. and Kahana, M. J. (2002). The dynamics of memory retrieval in older adults. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, 56, 187-199.
                  (<a href="/files/pubs/WingKaha02.pdf">pdf</a>)

                • <a name="CaplEtal01" />
                • Caplan, J. B., Madsen, J. R., Raghavachari, S., and Kahana, M. J. (2001). Distinct patterns of brain oscillations underlie two basic parameters of human maze learning. Journal of Neurophysiology, 86, 368–380.
                  (<a href="/files/pubs/CaplEtal01.pdf">pdf</a>)

                • <a name="KahaEtal01" />
                • Kahana, M. J., Seelig, D., and Madsen, J. R. (2001). Theta returns. Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 11, 739–744.
                  (<a href="/files/pubs/KahaEtal01.pdf">pdf</a>)

                • <a name="RaghEtal01" />
                • Raghavachari, S., Rizzuto, D. S., Caplan, J. B., Kirschen, M. P., Bourgeois, B., Madsen, J. R., et al. (2001). Gating of human theta oscillations by a working memory task. Journal of Neuroscience, 21, 3175-3183.
                  (<a href="/files/pubs/RaghEtal01.pdf">pdf</a>)

                • <a name="RizzKaha01" />
                • Rizzuto, D. S. and Kahana, M. J. (2001). An autoassociative neural network model of paired-associate learning. Neural Computation, 13, 2075-2092.
                  (<a href="/files/pubs/RizzKaha01.pdf">pdf</a>)

                • <a name="CaplEtal00b" />
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