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(Simulation Packages)
(Simulation Packages)
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Foundational Libraries

Experiment Paradigms

PyEPL-based experiments used in the Kahana Lab.

Data Analysis

  • Penn TotalRecall: score and annotate behavioral audio files (replaces PyParse)
  • Behavioral Toolbox: a suite of MATLAB functions to aid in analyzing behavioral Free Recall data
  • Our EEG Toolbox is a set of Matlab functions to help in analyzing EEG data.
    • Lab members and collaborators (e.g., members of the RAM team) should checkout the the most recent version from the lab’s SVN server (for instructions, see the internal wiki EEG Toolbox page)
    • The latest public release can be downloaded here (zip). Current version is 1.3.2, last update June 25, 2008.
    • For documentation, please see eeg_toolbox/doc/Analyzing_EEG_Data.pdf. Additionally, use the help function in Matlab for assistance with individual functions.
    • You can also find Dr Josh Jacob's "Introduction to the EEG toolbox" here.

Simulation Packages

  • The Context Maintenance and Retrieval model (CMR).