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== Past Symposia ==
== Past Symposia ==
[[CEMS 2009|CEMS 2009, FL]]
[[CEMS 2009|CEMS 2009, Palm Beach, FL]]
[[CEMS 2010|CEMS 2010, Philadelphia, PA]]
[[CEMS 2010|CEMS 2010, Philadelphia, PA]]

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Context and Episodic Memory Symposium

The Context and Episodic Memory Symposium (CEMS), now in its eighth year, is designed to be a forum for the exchange of ideas among colleagues working on theoretical and empirical approaches to the study of context and episodic memory, broadly construed.

Future Symposium

CEMS 2013, Philadelphia, PA

Past Symposia

CEMS 2009, Palm Beach, FL

CEMS 2010, Philadelphia, PA

CEMS 2011, Philadelphia, PA

CEMS 2012, Bloomington, IN