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  • Noun Pool (<<ExtLink(/files/wordpools/nounpool.txt,text)>>, <<ExtLink(/files/wordpools/nounpool.tgz,sound)>>) - The edited version of the noun pool.
  • Categorized Word Pool (<<ExtLink(/files/wordpools/catwpool.txt,text)>>) - The categorized word pool is taken from Murdock (1976). It has 32 categories with 32 words each.
  • Kucera & Francis Word Pool (<<ExtLink(/files/wordpools/kfpool.txt,text)>>, <<ExtLink(/files/wordpools/kfpool.zip,zip)>>) - This word pool from Kucera & Francis contains word frequency ratings.
  • Toronto Word Pool (<<ExtLink(/files/wordpools/wordpool.txt,text)>>) - The complete Toronto word pool. Contains high frequency nouns, adjectives, and verbs taken from the Thorndike-Lorge (1944) norms. This word pool has been used in hundreds of studies at Toronto and elsewhere.
  • Toronto Noun Pool (<<ExtLink(/files/wordpools/nouns.txt,text)>>) - The Toronto noun pool has ratings of word frequency (Kucera & Francis) and imagery.
  • Toronto Noun Pool subset (<<ExtLink(/files/wordpools/igornouns.txt,text)>>) - Used in the IGOR1 experiment
  • Auditory Toronto Word Pool (<<ExtLink(/files/wordpools/wordpool.zip,zip)>>) - Digitized voice files of all of the words in the Toronto noun pool. The voice files are recorded in .voc format. Using the Experiment Programming Library these files can be randomized and presented in memory experiments. New functionality in the EPL allows for dichotic presentation of auditory items.
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  • iEEG Free Recall Noun Pool (<<ExtLink(/files/wordpools/iEEG_FR_nouns.txt,text)>>) - The iEEG Free Recall pool of high frequency nouns used in our clinical iEEG studies.
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  • MRC Psycholinguistic Database (link) - Huge searchable database with many more words and norms than the Toronto word pool or even Kucera & Francis.
  • Free Association Norms (link) - The largest database of free association norms ever collected.